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SAT Math Additional Topics Practice and Videos

1) SAT Math Topic: Volume word problems-1

2) SAT Math Topic: Volume word problems-2

3) SAT Math Topic: Right Triangle Word Problem-1

4) SAT Math Topic: Right Triangle Word Problem-2

5) SAT Math Topic: Congruence and Similarity-1

6) SAT Math Topic: Congruence and Similarity-2

7) SAT Math Topic: Right Triangle Trigonometry-1

8) SAT Math Topic: Right Triangle Trigonometry-2

9) SAT Math Topic: Circle Theorems-1

10) SAT Math Topic: Circle Theorems-2

11) SAT Math Topic:  Angle, Arc of Length and Tri Functions-1

12) SAT Math Topic: Angle, Arc of Length and Tri Functions-2

13) SAT Math Topic: Circle Equation-1

14) SAT Math Topic: Circle Equation-2

15) SAT Math Topic: Complex Numbers-1

16) SAT Math Topic: Complex Numbers-2

17) SAT Math Topic: — Volume and Surface Areas

18) SAT Math Topic: Right Triangle Trigonometry

19) SAT Math Topic: Circle Theorem

20) SAT Math Topic: — Complex numbers

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Old SAT Math Course Structure  

1) CB SAT Additional Topics: 

SAT Math Additional Topics

1. Complex Numbers

2. Trigonometry

3. Trigonometric Angles

4. Right Triangle Word Problems

5. Volumes and Surface areas

6. Congruence & Similar Triangles

7. Circle Theorem – Arcs Sectors

8. Equation of Circles

2) CB SAT Data Analysis-Data Interpretation

Data Analysis & Interpretation

1. Linear and Exponential Functions

2. Percentages

3. Ratio-Proportion

4. Graphs Analysis

5. Table Analysis

6. Scatter Plots

7. Unit Conversions

8. Statistics

9. Data Inference

10. Data Collection & Conclusion

3) CB SAT Passport to Advanced Mathematics

Advanced Mathematics

1. Solving Quadratic Equation

2. Interpreting Nonlinear Equation

3. Quadratic and Exponential Word problems

4. Radical and Rational Exponents

5.Operations with Rational Expressions

6. Polynomial Factors & Graphs

7. Non Linear Equation Graphs

8. Linear & Quadratic Systems

9. Structure in Expression

10. Isolating Quantities

11. Functions

12. Manipulating QE and Exp Functions

13. Radical and Rational Equations

14. Operations with Polynomials

4) CB SAT Heart of Algebra

Heart of Algebra

1. Interpreting Linear Functions

2. Linear Function Word Problems

3. Solving Linear Equation Word problems

4. System of Linear Inequality Word problems

5. Graphing Linear Equations

6. Linear Inequality & Equation Word problems

7. Solving System of Linear Equations and Inequalities

8. Linear Function Word Problems

9. System of Linear Function Word Problems